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E-Cigarettes Takes its Toll on People

sale of e-cigarettes
The use of e-cigarettes is frowned upon by the Board of Education. According to the project that prohibits smoking in underage people, e-cigarettes are also now a part of the banned products. There were a number of federal and state agencies that came forward for banning this modern smoking technique.

The change has marked that students below the age of 18 year shall not be allowed to smoke e-cigarette on school premises.

The sale of cigarettes to underage children is also banned. Previously e-cigarettes were thought to be a safer and less harmful means of smoking tobacco. It uses a battery powered gadget with nicotine solution. It also has an atomizer that is meant for the heating of the solution unless it gets heated enough.

It has now been found that it is as dangerous and harmful as regular cigarette and this is why it should be banned for among young children as well. There is need for further awareness programs to make the smokers realize how much they are going to regret their actions in the time to come. It is essential that they completely understand the perils of smoking and the effects it would have on the body later.

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