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Sep 12 14

As Big Tobacco takes up e-cigarettes, investors look ahead

As electronic cigarettes flew off shelves on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years, investors flocked to a business some hope will be the future for tobacco.

Aug 22 14

British America Tobacco looking for alternative smoking products

alternative smoking products
The British America Tobacco Nigeria, BATN, has urged non-governmental organisations, NGOs, involved in tobacco control to put more effort in consumer education and researching for alternative smoking products.

Aug 5 14

E-Cigarettes Have More Benefits than Side Effects

A new research shows that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.
For the study, researchers examined 81 studies that concentrated on the safety concerns of e-cigarettes, chemicals present in the liquids and vapors used for these cigarettes, and popularity among smokers and non-smokers.

Jun 9 14

Tawuniya anti smoking campaign “Dokhaniyat”

Tawuniya anti smoking campaign
An anti smoking campaign was initiated by Tawuniya insurance in KSA, it started by phase 1 poster saying”the smoker is an accident waiting to happen”, then phase 2 poster to announce a program that helps smokers stop smoking.

May 7 14

Truth Billboard Design

quit smoking Billboard
Have you ever tried to care for someone, in a way such as trying to convince them to quit smoking? Does it seem like the more you beg and plead them, the more they ignore or say things such as maybe next month? I say what if there was a different approach? That is the my message here. It is ultimately their decision to quit smoking or whatever drug that person chooses to use. All a friend or family member can do is tell them how they feel and why they feel that way but always remember, those unwilling to help themselves will not be willing to receive help. So my message is to the those that are cared for, those that smoke, drink, or use any other drugs…

Apr 16 14

Marlboro Volumes Dropped 5.7%

Marlboro cigarettes
Altria Group’s 4Q revenue decreased 56% as the Marlboro manufacturer sold a smaller amount of cigarettes and registered charges associated with paying off debt earlier. Its adjusted profits and revenue missed Wall Street anticipations, and its shares ended up in premarket trading. The holder of the nation’s largest cigarette producer, Philip Morris USA, shared profits several days ago of $488 million. That figure is lower in comparison to $1.1 billion, registered in same period a year ago. Eliminating one-time items, revenue was $0.57 per share, dropping Wall Street anticipations by a penny.

Mar 25 14

An Info graphics on smoking real issues

Research and transform the gathered data in visual communication. Theme: “The smoker and all the industry behind”.

Mar 3 14

Wait-lah to quit smoking

Wait-lah to quit smoking
Wait-lah ; smoker respond toward someone who encourage them to quit smoking.
Quit Smoking PSA is my Final Year Project involved fully infographic and animation using After Effects.

Feb 6 14

Reve Cigarettes

Dreams are succesion of image, ideas, emotions and sensations. Same philosephers have conclued that what we think of as the “Real World” could be or is an illusion. So the content of dreams is driven by unconscious wish fulfilement.

Jan 6 14

Scandinavian tobacco – Slim & MAIN Cigarettes

Slim & MAIN Cigarettes